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This girl had ZERO Confidence

Believe it or not, my bubbly personality and confident demeanor have not always been a part of my life.

I grew up in a small town in England where I was one of the ONLY black kids in school. Classmates made fun of my hair, the way I dressed, and called me racially derogatory names. My gym teacher used to take all of my braids out so I could perform “front tumbles” but then couldn't fix it afterwards so I would walk around with undone hair the rest of the day.

Once I moved to the US as a teenager, I had a REALLY hard time fitting in. I had an accent (not appreciated in high school!), I wore a size 14, I had a mini afro and I wore my mum's hand me down's because we didn't have much money.

As an adult woman, I used to have issues trying to shop for trendy clothes that were on the larger size (serious confidence killer!). After the birth of my children, I was mortified by my stretch marks because they seemed far worse than any I had ever seen. Annnnd to add insult to injury, my insecurity grew after dealing with the excruciating infidelity of a significant other.

Why am I telling you this? Because believe it or not, I became so much more confident AFTER I became a boudoir photographer. Not only because I was having meaningful conversations with my clients about body image but because I had the opportunity to see myself through someone else's lens. I realized that my self-perceived flaws were a mere blip on the scale and I should have giving myself more credit!

I truly believe that we live our best lives when we feel confident in all areas. I might not be able to give you a coveted Doctorate degree or a fantastic new job but I CAN help improve the way you see yourself!

Photo by Marco Ibanez

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