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2023 Investment Menu


A HUGE part of your experience is having a gorgeous album or folio box to show off your glorious images!  Unless you purchased a special package deal, all keepsakes are sold separately.  


When you arrive in the studio, all options will be available for you to see in person; this is a memorable purchase so I want you to be informed!

A La Carte options are not pictured here.

Platinum $4000 ($6100 Value)

  • 10x10 Custom Luxury Bedside Album (up to 40 images) with silver or gold gilding

  • 10 image 8x10 Folio Box 

  • Triple sided custom folio

  • Custom keepsake box

  • 2, 16x24 Metal prints and 1, 11x14 Metal print

  • Private Phone App

  • Boudoir video with all images

  • Equivalent digital file collection (54 digitals)

IMG_9426 2_edited.jpg

Gold $3000 ($4300 Value)

  • 10x10  Custom Luxury Bedside Album (up to 30 images) with silver or gold gilding

  • Custom keepsake box

  • Double sided custom folio

  • 2, 11x14 Metal Prints

  • Equivalent digital file collection (34 digitals)

Silver $2000  ($2400 Value)

  • 20 Image 8x10 Custom Luxury Folio Box OR 20 image 8x8 album with matching keepsake box

  • Triple folio

  • Equivalent digital file collection (23 digitals)

  • Can upgrade to 11x14 Luxury Folio Box for additional $150 or 12x16 Luxury Folio Box for an additional $240


Digital Only $1500

12 of your favorite digital images 

Pre-session Payment Plans

While your session fee is required at the time of booking, keepsakes can be paid off before you arrive for your session.  A prepayment plan allows you to join your virtual reveal and ordering appointment and admire how hot you are. Sounds like a win to me! And you’ll be feeling stress free because you paid it off already! AND, if you thought this couldn’t get any better, I am offering BONUSES just for paying off your keepsake purchase before hand!

When you pre-purchase your luxury collection or A la Carté keepsakes, it allows me to create images during your session with specific products in mind, PLUS it ensures you get the images you’ve been dreaming of.

Pre-purchasing is not required, however if you wish to take advantage of my payment plans, you MUST do so PRIOR to your session. I do not offer payment plans after your session. If you do not do a Pre-Session Payment Plan, you will be required to pay in full at your reveal and ordering appointment should you decide to purchase a keepsake.

  • Multiple payment terms/installments options to choose from

  • 0% interest

  • Make payments leading up to your session

  • Receive your photo collection 2-3 weeks after your reveal session

  • Receive your products 3-4 weeks after your reveal session

  • Depending on which keepsakes you choose to pre-purchase, you get a bonus at no additional cost.

We will simply calculate the total of the keepsakes you'd like to order (including tax) and divide the total in a way that works for you; monthly payments, semi-monthly payments, etc..  This must be paid in full before you arrive for your shoot. 

Let me know if this is something you'd like to do while we are planning your experience!

As an added bonus, if you pre-pay, you will receive a complimentary Retro Viewer! 

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