What are "Sexy" clothes?

20 Jan

"Sexy" is subjective; although I love pretty underpinnings, they aren't required to make you feel beautiful.  Some of the most amazingly sexy moments I captured involved nothing more than a white tank top, a stunning smile and a pair of jeans.  

If you're considering a boudoir shoot, don't fret about not having enough lingerie; what you currently possess will be fantastic!  Let's talk for a moment about what you have in your closet!


Yes, a long pair of pajamas with a button down shirt can be beautiful! We can simply unbutton the shirt, give you sexy, messy hair and take a few shots while you're sipping a cup of tea!  

Although I'm recommending using what you have, should you want to purchase a pair of "innocently sexy" pajamas, head on over to Etsy for this gorgeous sheer set.

Work Attire

Women of all shapes and sizes can rock a pencil skirt and a pair of heels because they highlight our natural curves.  Wrap dresses are alluring because we know that all it takes is a simple untie of the belt to reveal the lovely skin underneath. Dresses with back zippers can also be extremely sultry; a beautifully lit shot of you unzipping your dress could be mind-blowing.   Do you remember Julia Roberts in "Pretty Woman" wearing only a mens tie? She was stunning!

Androgynous Vibe

Perhaps you're not into dresses, heels or lacy lingerie? What are some other options?  How about suspenders with a crisp pair of pants and little else?  A white tank top with boy shorts and a fantastic smile is effortlessly gorgeous.  Do a google search for "Androgynous boudoir" and you'll get some fab inspiration!

Comfortably Casual

This category is probably my favorite.  Have you taken a look around google for boudoir images featuring undone jeans with fishnets underneath? They are FIRE!  Slouchy sweaters casually falling off one shoulder are super seductive.  Most women have access to a button down shirt of their own or one that belongs to a significant other; let's get you wearing it so we can start shooting!

Regardless of what you choose to wear, the best way to guarantee phenomenal pictures is to come with an open mind, a positive mood and a smile that reaches your eyes.

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